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Desmond Murray is an award winning hairdresser.  Throughout his career he has constantly pushed himself to achieve new heights and as a result is now being recognised for his dedication, passion and creative work in both hairdressing and photography.


Already housed securely in British hairdressing Awards "Hall of Fame" in recognition for his aware winning hair artistry, 2009 found Demond accepting an additional aware from British Hairdressing Awards citing him "Mens Hairdresser of the Year".  This was followed by an international aware forum the A.I.P.P which named Desmond Murray's collection as "Best Photographic Collection of the Year". This being an accolade not only for his hairdressing skills, but his dexterity as an award winning photographer. 

Desmond was also recently our Photographer for our lastest MHFed Collection, The MHFed RAW Look Book. 


Kevin Vorley has built a solid reputation in Essex Barbering.
His business has become a multi award winning success, with his training, drive and passion for barbering becoming the core of this.

His skills and ability to communicate and educate on all levels ensures Kevin always infuses vision and passion into his teaching methods.

With a solid reputation for his precision and creative skills in all aspects of traditional, modern and unique barbering cutting and shaving ,
Kevin and his progressive team are heading the next generation of barbering and bringing it back with an exciting new look to this industry





 Martin Fox got his first gig in a salon at the young age of 15. Feeling stifled at school, Martin immediately felt more at home in the salon environment, enjoying the creativity it offered him. 

Getting a job with Garfields in Stockton-on-Tees cemented Martin's career path into hairdressing as he came into contact with Gary Thoms. Gary would become Martins mentor for the next 7 years teaching him everything he knew about hairdressing with a real focus on barbering. Martin describes Gary as a ‘visionary hairdresser never content to sit on his laurels' and puts the foundations of his approach to hairdressing down to Garys' unique mentoring. "The best advice I ever got from Gary was ‘stand still and your dead' it applies to all things in life, hairdressing included." 

At the age of 21 Martin decided to set up shop in Billingham and ran his own salon for 6 years, all the while developing his hairdressing and barbering skills and evolving his love of creative hairdressing. Martin moved to the larger town of Middleborough, with a much larger salon, when Martin was approached by well-known brand WAHL to work as an educator across the country, teaching barbering skills, presenting on stage and educating over-sees.

At this point a young lad named Dean Bradwell walked into Martins' salon with a fine eye and unique approach to style. Dean became Martin's apprentice and quickly proved himself a highly capable hairdresser. More importantly it was clear that both Martin and Dean shared the same unique approach to hairdressing and a collaboration evolved that would become Scarlet Moon. The rest is history..

Scarlet Moon began with the launch of its' salon in 2007. Martin and Dean wanted to create an anti-salon, a place that felt like you were sitting at home. Relaxed, informal but all the while retaining its cool and point of difference and offering customers a unique perspective in hairdressing. 

Martin and Dean worked tirelessly to create the Scarlet Moon brand; which is less of a hair salon and more of a creative concept in hairdressing and style.

Having based much of his training on men's barbering Martin likes to deconstruct traditional hairdressing techniques, working instead with 3 dimensional forms and architectural structure to create hair. "I work with lines, forms and shapes. All of which allow me to be much freer with the style I'm creating, leaving everything open. No rules, no judgment."

A seasoned photographer and artist, it felt only natural to utilise both art and photography within the Scarlet Moon brand. Recently Martin and Dean have been art directing and photographing their own hairdressing collections with astonishing results. 





Tracey is an International session stylist, commissioned by many trade and consumer press for her high end skills in hair styling and fashion editorial looks. Tracey has notched up so many awards there are too many to mention. 

Following the success of Tracey's first salon she then opened a second expanding her award winning foothold throughout Aberdeenshire. Tracey believes in education and her team continually undertake regular training and are constantly on the ball with the latest trends and techniques. Tracey's salons are extremely successful due to the fine example that Tracey Devine sets for the hairdressing industry by really encouraging the next generation of talent to shine. Tracey's own team have also achieved a whole host of award wins themselves. 

It is of no surprise that Tracey was named Scottish Hairdresser of the year for 3 consecutive years, to have her entered into the British Hall of Fame and now judges the British hairdressing awards yearly.

Whilst Tracey is most at home backstage at fashion week or looking through the lens creating beautiful editorial hair she is an astute business woman and was recognised and awarded the coveted "investors in people". There is just no end to her talents!

The MHFed feel that Tracey is the perfect role model for women representing Men's Hairdressing and we are over the moon that she is one of our Ambassadors. 

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