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The Men's Hairdressing Federation (MHFed) is an organisation that has been set up for hairdressers and barbers who wish to be recognised for high quality styling and finishing of men's hair.

Our aim is to bring professional standards and recognition for qualified, talented hairdressing services. Lobbying for the Government in the United Kingdom to bring in professional standards in order to increase the indstry reputation ensuring that all hairdressers are recognised as a professional industry. 


Who are we?

Adam Sloan, the founder of the Mens Hairdressing Federation began his journey sweeping up in his fathers salon in Glasgow. As a young man Adam undertook his City & Guilds in Hairdressing qualification, followed by an Advanced City & Guilds Course. Prior to opening his own salons and following business ventures, Adam spent 10 years managing the staff at BigYin. To this day Adam now owns 5 salons within Essex, United Kingdom and a successful training academy which specialises in male grooming.  

Adam has experienced all sides of the Hairdressing industry, allowing him to have many roles including; Session Stylist, Celebrity Hairdresser, Chairman of City & Guilds Barbering Industry Board, Mens Cut and Colour Educational DVDs distributed globally, x2 L'Oreal Colour Trophy Eastern Regional Winner, Competition Organiser & Judge on seperate occasions and Adam also has been an author for City & Guilds, in Both the Level 2 & 3 Industry Standard Barbering and Log Books. With the knowledge and experience Adam has gained he also sits on the Barber Council working towards state registration.

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Being Passionate about the immense talent and technical ability that comes with mens hairdressing Adam feels it is the right time to esculate professional standards and provide justified recognition for qualified, technical experts to increase the professionalism, commitment and skill to the hair and beauty industry. 



With an excess of 36,000 salons within the United Kingdom, only 20% of these are barber shops. With the percentage being so low, this leaves a very high percentage remaining to unisex salons catering for men without any real recognition of male hairdressing. We welcome anyone from industry learners, freelance stylists, self employed and employed male or female stylists and barbers who wish to be recognised for styling mens hair.

Recognising the immense talent and technical ability in the industry today, MHFed want to ensure that mens hairdressing is seen as a professional industry with the recognision it deserves.


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