RAW Look Book 2015

RAW 2015
Get your copy of RAW here for £25 + £3.30 p+p
Ever struggled with a client consultation? Fear not as we have released RAW which is a 48 page book stuffed full of the classic & future classic hairstyles.
In Raw you can find images for every hair type and ethnicity to help your client get across the style they want.
What's more is that not only does the book look great and is very informative and visually stimulating an agreed amount from every book goes to our chosen charity which is Prostate Cancer UK.
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 The MHFed present "RAW".
 An editiorial photoshoot that's aim was to create a style guide of men's hair. Photographed by Desmond Murray and Martin Fox, the book includes 40+ head shots of all hair types, styles and lengths. The idea of the book is to help improve communication between stylist and client using relevant modern and visual cues. All Proceeds go to Prostate Cancer UK.
"We wanted to produce a Look Book that involved barbers and male hairstylists of all levels and ability to showcase the talent, passion and love that federation members and our close friend have for our industry. 
The brief was simple: we supply the venue, a clothes stylist, make up artists and amazing photographers, the members brought a suitable model to deliver a raw and gritty look that reflected their style and identity. This wasn't about perfection, it was a demonstration of the intensity and talent the Men's Hairdressing Federation represents. We added to the buzz of the event of the event by choosing a secret location in edgy east London which wasn't disclosed until the night before.
People donated time, models, clothes, make up and even travelled from all four corners of the UK and Ireland to create a day that no one will ever forget, helping us raise money for our chosen charity, Prostate Cancer UK.
I thank each and every one of you who contributed, we couldn't have delivered such a fantastic day and book without all of our contributors and the unsung heroes, Julie Bellinger and Jonathan King from Denman International.
I believe we have created a book of amazing barbering imagery and I hope you will be impressed, excited and intrigued by the MHFed's work.
Finally, it's high time to preach the word that barbering is indeed a profession, undertaken by professionals. Through the MHFed I can strongly endorse all fellow barbers and members of MHFed to become state registered, via the Barber Council.
Peace & Love
Adam Sloan" 
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