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After being selected from hundreds of entrants, winner Josh Lamonaca, Simon Kibbler, Danny Robinson, Richie Martin became the fresh new faces of the MHFed's Young Feds Artistic Team, with Tariq Howes becoming the fifth member of the Young Feds later on in the year.

Along with receiving education and mentoring from some of the industry greats the Young Feds Artistic Team have a packed 2015 full of presentations at events where they will showcase their innovative skills, so far these events include, The Fellowship Member's Night, Pro Hair Manchester, Pro Hair London and Barber Connect among many others. 

"It makes me so proud to think about playing a part in these young men's futures. We hope this is the start of something they can look back on with a successful career behind them and say that we helped them up to the next level!"

- Adam Sloan 


Danny Robinson - Danny and Co Barbers

Tariq Howes - Fadez Barber Shop

Josh Lamonaca - Menspire

Simon Kibbler - Image Barbers

Richie Martin - Rebel Rebel

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A sincere and massive welcome from Adam Sloan, Joe Sloan and the Young Feds Artistic Team, Josh Lamonaca, Danny Robinson, Simon Kibbler and Richie Martin to Tariq Howes, our NEW YOUNG FED.
'Danny Robinson first alerted me to this highly talented young man. On my first meeting with Tariq at the MHFed RAW Photoshoot, I was just blown away by his work and attitude to barbering and life in general. Everyone is just so excited to have him on board and he's in for a top year as a Young Fed.
Peace + Love
Welcome to the MHFed, Tariq Howes"
 - Adam Sloan
Tariq will be appearing alongside the rest of the Young Feds for the first time at Salon International 2015 on the Fellowship Stage at 3pm Monday 12th October. 
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