Barber of the Year Competition 2019

City & Guilds in collaboration with The Men’s Hairdressing Federation, National Trainee Barbers of the Year and Qualified Barber of the year competition 2019

Both competitions are photographic digital evidence entry only – application forms, competition briefs and rules and regulations will be made available on the MHFed webpage.  Photographic evidence to be uploaded to the MHFed webpage.

Trainee Barber Competition

Barber Competition

Applicants must submit evidence along with a testimonial from their education provider to confirm that they are still active within their training. This can be at any level and on any type of qualification. Before and after photographs will be required for submission.  We will be choosing a National Trainee Barber of the year winner to represent each country – Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

A copy of the applicant’s qualification certificate is required alongside submission (any AO).  Before and after photographs will be required for submission.


We are now in our third year of this competition which just keeps getting bigger and this year we have amazing prizes for all winners.  Firstly, there will be a photoshoot at a London studio, with Desmond Murray.  There will be industry experts on hand to work with the Trainees and a clothes stylist for the models. 

Our media partner, Barber NV are excited to collaborate with our competitions and the winner of The Qualified Barber of the year will make the front cover.

The National Trainee Barber of the year winners will also have a 4 page editorial within the Barber NV Magazine. 

Desmond Murray

‐ The Photographer, Stylist, Barber, Colour Expert

Desmond Murray is an award winning hairdresser. Throughout his career, Desmond has constantly pushed himself to achieve new heights and as a result is being recognised for his dedication, passion and creative work in both hairdressing and photography.  Already housed in British Hairdressing Award’s Hall of Fame in recognition of his award winning hair artistry, 2009 found Desmond accepting an additional award from the British Hairdressing Awards citing him Men’s Hairdresser of the year. This was followed by an international award from the A.I.P.P. which named Desmond Murray’s collection as the ‘Best Photographic Collection of the Year’. This being an accolade not only for his hairdressing skills, but his dexterity as an award winning photographer.

Official launch date 29.10.2018

Closing date for applications 01.02.2019

Judging to take place 13.02.2019 at City and Guilds Headquarters

Winners will get a years free subscription to our online education. To enter email your application to [email protected]

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